We have pioneered the local use of stereolithography (SLA), in fact our operation can boast a room full of the country’s only commercially available SLA machines! We have recently expanded to include Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). Fine detail pieces we can also made using silicone and urethane molding. We offer Fused Deposition Modelling, the only additive manufacturing technology that produces production grade thermoplastics.


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  • Overall Dimensions - 400 x 606 x 642 mm
  • Build Volume - u00d8 180u00d7180 mm
  • Maximum Resolution - 0.06 mm (60 micron) con Resina Precisa
  • Print from SD Card - no
  • Print Material - acrylate resin, ABS-like, polypropylene-like, rigid opaque, transparent, rubber-like, nanoceramic and wax-like for casting investments
  • Noise Level - 49db
  • Recommended Software - Fictoru00ae XFABu00ae edition, Nautau00ae XFABu00ae edition

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