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Consisting of Dr Matheus Rabello, Dr Paulo Miamoto, Dr Roberto Fecchio, Cicero Moraes, Dr Sergio Camargo and Dr Rodrigo Rabello the experts volunteer their services and time.

Based in Sao Paulo, the team have reconstructed artificial beaks for three toucans, a parrot, and a goose; designed the first ever titanium prosthetic pecker for a Macaw and built a brand new plastic-based replacement hull for a traumatised tortoise.

Dr Fecchio said: ‘We first came together as friends because of our common love of science and our love for animals.

We soon realised we could do some extraordinary work using cutting-edge technology to push back the boundaries of life-saving care for mutilated animals by giving them customised prostheses.


Dr Matheus Rabello, who worked on the parrot, said: ‘We were worried the renewable plastic used to make the prosthetics would not withstand the demands of a parrot’s beak, which is used to crack nuts and to climb.’

However, the prosthesis proved to be a super-strong substitute.

Another touchstone triumph with the first prosthetic beak built for a goose. The poor gander named Vitoria, had lost most of its top and bottom choppers and would have died without urgent corrective surgery.

They also produced the world’s first titanium beak for Gigi, an abandoned Macaw.

The breakthrough bionic 3D metal beak was attached to the Macaw’s severely damaged beak with bone cement and secured with eight colourful orthopaedic screws.

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